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In Ghost Stories you can exorcise two ghosts at once if you are on a corner and there is a ghost on each space adjacent to you. I played a game where I successfully exorcised both of these ghosts but then had to roll the curse die for each of them. The first roll of the curse die caused me to lose a Qi which killed me. Do I still roll the second curse die? If it again comes up that I lose a Qi, what happens?

If I am already dead and there are ghosts on my board that cause me to roll the curse die on the Yin phase and I have to lose a Qi, what happens?

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Well, the situation of dying with an unresolved Curse die isn't addressed specifically in the rulebook, but your second question is!

From page 7 in the rulebook, under "Death of a Taoist"

His board becomes possessed (see neutral board below) and the ghosts occupying it continue to act, despite the Taoist’s death. The steps 1 & 2 of the Yin phase must be played. The other players will have to suffer the effects and consequences of the ghosts on this board.

From page 10 in the rulebook, under "Possessed Board"

A neutral board that has lost all Qi tokens is called "a possessed board", Its specific power cannot be used anymore through neutral power tokens. Any further loss of Qi points (i.e. board overrun or tormentor) must be endured by a player of your choice (the green Taoist’s power is ineffective if Qi loss is due to the curse die).

So if a player is dead and a curse die roll triggered by a ghost on the dead player's board causes a loss of 1 Qi, somebody else has to lose the Qi. Whether that somebody else must be decided before or after the roll is made is unclear. I would apply this ruling to the situation you present in your first question as well, the game doesn't want someone to weasel out of a curse die roll!

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