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I am using mtgarena for my tournament organization.

What do OMP, GWP and OGP mean? Does anyone know what they stand for?


Player  Points  OMP     GWP      OGP
1           9   33.33   100      31.11
2           6   66.67   60       69.44
3           6   44.44   75       42.22
4           6   22.22   66.67    22.22
5           3   72.22   20       80.56
6           3   50      20       53.33
7           3   33.33   0        36.11
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These are percentages, used by the DCI as tie-breakers. From Section C4 of the Tournament Organizer's Handbook:

  • OMP - Opponents’ Match-Win Percentage. A player’s match-win percentage is that player’s accumulated match points divided by X times the number of rounds in which he or she competed, or 0.33, whichever is greater.
  • GWP - Game-Win Percentage. Similar to the match-win percentage, a player’s game-win percentage is the total number of game points he or she earned divided by X times the number of games played.
  • OGP - Opponents’ Game-Win Percentage. Similar to opponents’ match-win percentage, a player’s opponents’ game-win percentage is simply the average game-win percentage of all of that player’s opponents. And, as with opponents’ match-win percentage, each opponent has a minimum game-win percentage of 0.33.
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