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I have two board games which use a lot of cards, but their boxes don't have dedicated space to store them in an ordered manner and whenever I'd like to play them again I have to start with sorting all the cards by type.

How can I store these cards so they don't fly all over the box? The exact two games I have in mind are Lord of the Rings LCG and Dragon's Ordeal, but I'm looking for a solution which I could apply to a greater variety of dimensions. I am not from the UK or US so I'd prefer more generic items, because it might be difficult/too expensive to purchase stuff from Amazon or online shops.

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Hair Bands

hair bands

Similar to using rubber bands, but they don't deteriorate and stick to the cards over time. If possible get metal free ones, rather than the type on the right - less likely to catch on the cards.

Small Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard Box

Have a look around your house, you'll probably find something that's the right size. Plasters often come in boxes that are a good fit for cards.

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+1 for hair bands. Cheap and useful, works every time and allows for color coding! – Aviad Ben Dov Mar 5 '13 at 4:34
  • Rubber bands - Extremely cheap solution. Allows you to group cards of a similar type together. Over a long period of time though, the rubber will crack and may even stick to your cards. If you sleeve your cards this is of minor concern.

  • Plastic Sandwich bags - If you submit your games to high humidity, these do not "breath" and may cause moisture damage.

  • Custom Dividers - You can create custom dividers for your game boxes by cutting cardboard, chip board, foam core, or wood into horizontal and vertical slats with notches. When pieced together, they should hold the cards in place.

  • Custom Tuck boxes - Many games have custom tuck boxes that have been designed by fans. Check the BGG file section. If not, you can always use a deck box for Magic the Gathering or similar card game.

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I bought a bunch of these grip seal bags in various sizes. I did buy these from Amazon, but have seen them in stationary shops if you prefer not to get them shipped.

These ones for cards cost me £1.34 GBP with free shipping for 100 (1.3 pence each). Unless ebay/amazon shipping is super extortionate for you, I think they are worth the investment; I've found them great for storing decks of cards as well as other components. grip seal bags

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If you do not find tuckboxes for your favorite game at already, you may always easly create your own boxes here: Tuck Box Generator

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