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We played for the first time last night, and we tried the family version to start to understand the game. The situation arose where a smoke marker came up on top of a POI marker.

The POI marker was still unknown. We searched the manual and couldn't find any reference to it, so is it ok to sit a POI marker on top of smoke?

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In the family version (page 6 of the rules), yes. They even eliminate the smoke for you!

If the Target space has a Fire or Smoke marker, remove that Fire/Smoke marker before placing the POI marker.

However in the experienced game (page 10 of the rules), you adjust their position instead.

In the Experienced game a POI may only be placed in a space without a Threat marker (Fire or Smoke), Firefighter or another POI. If the POI Replenishment Target space is invalid, then use this diagram to redirect the POI. Begin in the Target space and follow the path created by the arrows as shown until you reach a valid space. The arrows are also placed on the board for easy reference during the game. If there are no valid spaces on the path, reroll.

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ah.. what about the opposite?? what if the smoke should be put on top of the POI marker? –  gbianchi Mar 4 '13 at 16:17
Smoke on top of a POI can definitely happen, no special rules. The POI is not affected until the smoke turns into fire, at which point they are removed. –  bwarner Mar 4 '13 at 18:16

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