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My friends and I had an argument over this the other night. The rules say that the Balrog can be used at "any point during your turn." So I attempted to use him to ruin my friends day (taking out one of his places of power) and then go into decline. He claimed that I could not do this as I had started conquest by moving the Balrog and therefore could not decline. I countered with the "Any point during my turn." would imply I could do it pre-conquest as that is still during my turn. I searched elsewhere on the internet but only found discussion boards and forums with similar arguments to the one my friend and I had.


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There's actually an official ruling on this very point by Days of Wonder in the SWU FAQ:

Q.If my active Race controls the Pentacle, may I move the Balrog, then enter in Decline?

A.Yes, since the Balrog may be moved "at any point during [your] turn".

Some people may not like this ruling very much, but I don't think its existence can be denied!


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