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I played Last Night on Earth for the first time and I was playing the zombies. I pulled the Take Over event card which states:

Roll a Random Building and place a Taken Over marker on it.

Place a Zombie from the Zombie Pool in each empty space of this building. No Hero may enter this building or Search here. If the building has already been Taken Over, Re-roll. Zombies placed here may not move this turn.

I have a couple of questions:

  • Does the building remain "Taken Over" even if all the zombies leave the building on subsequent moves?
  • How does Zombie Hunger effect the event rule of "Zombies placed here may not move this turn"?
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The building remains taken over even if it has no zombies in it. The Last Night On Earth wiki covers the similar situation of drawing the My God, They've Taken the... card when all your zombies are already on the board:

with ‘My God, They've Taken the...’ the building is always Taken Over even if no new Zombies are placed.

I think the zombies you place stay put for a turn even if there's a hero in an adjacent space, the Zombie Hunger effect doesn't override the no movement rule.

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