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In the FAQ, some cards, like Hades (1-046U ハーデス) mention a need to have valid targets when the card is used. This entry also implies that some targets may become invalid before resolution time. This implies that targets are chosen at cast time. However, in the official rules, the only place where choosing a target seems to be mentioned deals with thing happening at resolution time ( Since there's no special rules mentioning it, this implies that choosing a target is just part of the effect and so is done at resolution time.

I don't know how to resolve this. When is the choosing of a target supposed to take place?

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Unfortunately, my Japanese isn't good enough to make sense of the rules. Google translate didn't provide a useable alternative. There is also a rules guide to explain how to play the game that is less technical, and individual card FAQs.

From the rough translation Google provided, I gather that FInal Fantasy TCG plays very much like MtG. Spells/Abilities are anounnounced, costs are paid, and then the spell/ability is placed on the stack. Only after both players pass, does the top of the stack resolve. Since both players have the opportunity to react to the top of the stack, it is possible that the original targets may no longer be valid (if they changed zones). says:

To play a card or ability, a player announces the card or ability and any targets it has then pays any costs for it. Then, each other player may respond to that card or ability before it has its effect or enters the field, and the first player may respond to any actions the other players take. This is known as "the stack." Once players pass on playing cards or abilities, the objects on the stack resolve from top to bottom - in other words, first in, last out.

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According to this tweet from the developper: (in Japanese), targets are chosen when the card is used. It has not been added to the comprehensive rules by mistake.

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