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When playing Datasucker virus (anarchs), are the virus counters permanent or do you have to clear them at the end of the turn? Even worst, do you have to clear them at the end of a run?

Datasucker: Whenever you make a successful run on a central server, place 1 virus counter on Datasucker. Hosted virus counter: Rezzed piece of ice currently being encountered has -1 strength until the end of the encounter.

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"Hosted virus counter" is the cost of the effect (i.e. all the words that come after the colon).

If you spend a virus counter to reduce ice strength, the counter is obviously gone immediately. If you choose not to spend a counter, it won't get cleared, either at the end of the run or the end of the turn.

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That makes total sense. I can't believe I didn't get this right away... Thanks! – pcantin Apr 10 '13 at 1:17

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