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When we play Ticket to Ride we sometimes forget to score the points and move the score markers. You know; you're playing not only to get points, but to enjoy the game. And when someone realises they forgot to score a route, we need to recalculate all the routes from the beginning, and that's not very fun.

What are the best ways to not forget that you need to score? Maybe there's a specific way to mark what you're going to do, like scoring first and only then paying for the route? But when playing games with tunnels I fear we could forget to "unscore" such points if we couldn't complete the route.

I hope we're not the only forgetful players out there, and someone already came up with a solution to this. We've played ten games so far and are still having this issue.

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Great question! I have the same problem. – Andrew Vandever May 15 '13 at 3:13
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We usually just don't bother to score any points at all until the end of the game. Then, you go over all the claimed routes and score them, as well as scores for tickets to determine the winner.

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we inevitably need to do this anyway because there is always one drunk guy who swears we forgot to include a route. Only 50% of the time that drunk guy is me. – Pow-Ian May 15 '13 at 15:57
I hate this system. It's really hard to keep track of which tracks you've already scored. I guess you could score tickets first, then longest track, then finally remove the tracks as your score then. – dwjohnston Jan 9 at 23:15

I keep track on a piece of paper. Doing this lets you go back anytime during the game to see if a claim was not scored. At the end of the game, if the game scores are close, I'll go back through and double check or re-score the claims.

Something like this:

Plr1        Plr2      Plr3
2    2      4    4      4    4
4    6                  1    5
1    7                  2    7
4    11
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We keep score during the game but almost always are off by a few points at the end. It's not always from forgetfulness - it's also possible to bump the score markers. Even when counting at the end it's easy to miss a route or count one twice. So at the end of game, here's what we do:

  1. We count one player at a time. For each player:
  2. One player will examine each route and call out the score for the route. To minimize chance of error, the longest continuous string of routes is traced first and fingers are sometimes used to mark a section that was skipped because it was not part of the longest string of routes.
  3. A separate person moves the score marker, keeping their eyes only on the score track.
  4. If the score is very far off from the accumulated game score or if there is any doubt whatsoever, we count again.
  5. If the second count is different from 1st count, we count a 3rd time.

This may seem laborious but it usually takes about a minute per player. We find that most errors occur when there are many different side branches. A player with a string of 30 or more cars with no branches is easier to count accurately the first time.

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