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Some abilities have a [Click] cost to them, such as Crypsis' ability to add a virus counter to it.

Does it count as a "paid ability" for the purposes of the Run Timeline? I.e. could I, mid-run, add a virus counter to Crypsis for the cost of one [Click]?

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No. If an ability has a [Click] as part of its cost, it can only be used as a main action in the controlling player's turn. It cannot be used on the other player's turn or during a run.

From the rules (PDF) page 21, under Paid Abilities (emphasis mine):

Paid abilities can be triggered at the beginning of each turn, before and after each player action, and at certain points during a run, unless the ability requires a click, in which case it must be triggered as an action.

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Scored the answer for the rules reference and quote. – Aviad Ben Dov Jun 9 '13 at 5:15

No, the rules state that abilities with a Click cost can only be used as an action. So since a run is an action you must wait for the run to finish before activating Crypsis. (Or use it before the run.)

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