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Magic the Gathering releases a new core set every year, although previous core set releases were every two years. Previously, core sets would only contain previously released cards, but that has changed with the new Magic 2010 series.

What core set contains the largest number of different in cards within that core set from the previous core set? (how many cards were changed from that previous year?)

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The MTGSalvation wiki tracks core set changes here. The summary, assuming I haven't made any copying/arithmetic errors:

Unlimited -> Revised: 39 added, 35 removed (total 74)

Revised -> 4th: 122 added, 50 removed (total 172)

4th -> 5th: 194 added, 128 removed (total 322)

5th -> 6th: 167 added, 266 removed (total 433)

6th -> 7th: 177 added, 177 removed (total 354)

7th -> 8th: 167 added, 160 removed (total 327)

8th -> 9th: 165 added, 163 removed (total 328)

9th -> 10th: 214 added, 190 removed (total 404)

10th -> M10: 158 added, 292 removed (total 450)

M10 -> M11: 136 added, 136 removed (total 272)

M11 -> M12: 153 added, 153 removed (total 306)

M12 -> M13: 193 added, 193 removed (total 386)

So it looks like the 9th-to-10th edition transition added the most cards, while the 10th-to-M10 transition both removed the most cards and had the largest total number of changes.

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