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If an opponent plays Possibility Storm , what would be the best way to destroy it? If I played a card which allowed me to destroy target enchantment, would this destroy Possibility Storm before my card becomes exiled or would I need to rely on one of the cards I need to draw?

Also does Possibility Storm trigger when playing creatures or lands/basic lands?

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It triggers whenever you cast a spell from your hand, no matter what kind of spell. This includes an instant or sorcery you might play to try to destroy it, as well as creatures. (Playing lands is not casting a spell - it's a special action you can do.)

So yes, it's difficult to destroy. Keeping it from ever reaching the battlefield by countering it is of course the easiest way. If you happen to have something on the battlefield with an ability that can destroy it, like a Keening Apparition that'll work too. Similarly, if you're lucky enough to have a spell with Flashback already in your graveyard like Ray of Revelation, you could use that - it's not cast from your hand, so it's not affected.

But otherwise, yes, you'll have to rely on luck - cast your spells, and hope you hit something good. Do note that you don't necessarily have to destroy it; you could well cast a vanilla 1/1 creature and luck into something enormous, and your opponent is just as dead if you kill them without being able to control what you cast!

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This question can be answered just like a question about Standstill that was asked earlier this week, by User Akedren.

Basically one great way to get rid of enchantments, which are permanents, is to pull them off the table or otherwise destroy them without casting a spell from your hand.

To quote the answer I mentioned above:

You can cycle Resounding Wave targeting [Possibility Storm] and a land, as cycling is an activated ability it won't cause [Possibility Storm] to trigger.

702.27a Cycling is an activated ability that functions only while the card with cycling is in a player’s hand. “Cycling [cost]” means “[Cost], Discard this card: Draw a card.”

.- Akedren

Also if the board is not empty you can easily use creatures that have abilites that allow you to destroy enchantments.

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