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If a corporation installs an upgrade on a remote server, should the runner be able to tell it's an upgrade, and not an asset or agenda?

You can install multiple upgrades, but only one asset or agenda. If you install an upgrade and an agenda/asset, does it matter how you place them on the table? Should the runner be able to tell whether you have an agenda/asset and an upgrade, or two upgrades?

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From the Netrunner FAQ:

Where is an upgrade installed in a remote server?
An upgrade is installed in a remote server in the same position as an agenda or asset. The Runner should not be able to tell what type of card is installed in a remote server by its position. This is different than installing an upgrade in a central server, where it is always installed in the root.

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For this, I place all remote server cards next to each other, to let the runner know that there are N cards in the server. – CrystalBlue Jul 2 '13 at 19:31

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