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I'm a relatively new MtG player, and among my first batch of cards was Leyline Phantom:

At first I wondered what I'd do with a card that might return to my hand regularly. Is it a relatively cheap source of power and toughness at a trade-off? I figured this would be mainly used for triggering various effects, but I had no idea what they were until yesterday. It would work very well in at least these two situations:

  • It cooperates well with Sage's Row Denizen from the Dimir Delusion starter, which mills the opponent a little bit each time a blue creature is played and can help strengthen other Dimir Delusion cards.
  • It could be used to regularly trigger evolution in Simic Combine creatures.

Now I'm wondering what other uses for it I'm missing, and whether there's even more to the above two points than what I've mentioned.

How can I take advantage of Leyline Phantom?

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You've pretty much summed it up yourself. While you probably would not put Leyline Phantom in a constructed deck, it saw a fair amount of play in limited, since it both has a pretty big body for the cost and has various synergies with a few other cards in the same limited environment.

I would not spend to much time trying to figure out other ways to use the card; since the card is just not very powerful. I'm sure there are plenty of other cards that combo with Leyline Phantom, but for most of those there are lots of other cards that combo even better (e.g. the "gating" creatures from Invasion block).

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If you were running a Blue and Green (Simic) deck featuring creatures with Evolve (like Experiment One or Gyre Sage), it could be very beneficial to cast Leyline Phantom multiple times, as the combination of a high power/toughness, plus a (relatively) low casting cost would let you trigger Evolve several times.

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