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Is there an online site to play the card game Phase 10 on?
A clone is fine, but I'd really like to avoid a download.

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There is a clone of Phase 10 called Wizard Cards you could download and install. Magmic games has released versions of Phase 10 for Blackberry and iPhone also. There doesn't seem to be a version you can play in your browser online at this time.

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Not an exact match and you may have considered it already, but Uno is a broadly similar game (and a fellow member of the 'shedding' family of card games) - it has a huge number of theme packs and online versions.

share|improve this answer has an app of phase 10. It's pretty fun only con is you cant play it as many times as you want, you have to wait for your energy to refill.

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phase 10 on facebook.Great game but you can't play very often you have to wait for energy to refill. You can view video for energy but you only get one. They are very stingy with their energy this is very disappointing

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