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In Settlers of Catan, it says you need a road to build a new settlement (placement rules apply). If you have the resources available to build both at the same time, can this settlement be played wherever the player wants it to go?

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Your first two settlements (placed during set-up) are special and can be placed in any valid position on the board, after that new settlements must be connected by road to existing settlements.

The relevant parts of the rules are:

  • Under building roads (bottom of page 4) it says "A new road must always connect to 1 of your existing roads, settlements, or cities."
  • Under building settlements (top of page 5) it says "Each of your settlements must connect to at least 1 of your own roads."

Note that you can build as much as you like per turn, so you could build several road segments and a settlement in the same turn (as long as you have the resources).

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We just reread the rules on this and it says in the rules under ROADS "You cannot build new settlements without building roads" this implies you can plonk a road and a settlement down together (at the same time) which would mean you can place them away from your existing road/settlement!

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There is no such implication in that sentence. The only implication of the sentence is that from your initial setup of two settlements and two roads, you cannot build a third settlement without first building a third road. – Chris Dodd Dec 27 '13 at 2:02
The implication is through the use of the word new in "new settlement" it's not there in other cases talking about building a settlement, therefore the implication is that the settlement is isolated and unattached – Terry Emp Dec 27 '13 at 2:07
in what sense does "new" mean "isolated and unattached"? – Chris Dodd Dec 27 '13 at 6:29

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