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In Pinochle, according to the Bicycle insert in my decks, at least, aces around (one ace of each suit) is worth 100 points. The 9 of trump is worth 10. Other meld values all are multiples of ten.

Likewise, a double aces around (two aces of each suit) is worth 1000 points.

What is the reason for using multiples of ten for point values even at the entry level instead of a simpler form (which I always play with) of 10 points for aces around, 4 for the pinochle, 1 for the 9 of trump, etc?

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To make it easier and more tempting to play for high-stakes. United States Playing Card Company will deny this of course. –  Pieter Geerkens Aug 8 '13 at 22:42
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