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When you attack with Thorncaster Sliver and the ability triggers, does it do the damage from the attack first or the ability first?

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This is answered by Do Thorncaster Sliver's triggered abilities go on the stack? and then by Does the Thorncaster Sliver's ability damage have to be assigned before or after blockers are declared?. This is the third time this has been asked this week! – ikegami Aug 9 '13 at 3:52

Ability, before blockers are even declared.

The ability triggers when the Sliver attacks, which means when it's declared as an attacker.

The ability gets placed on the stack the next time a player would get priority [CR 112.3c], which is still within the Declare Attackers step. That means the ability resolves and causes damage to be dealt in that step too.

My earlier answer covers a very similar scenario in detail.

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