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My friends and I are pretty competitive. We play a lot of various games with various scoring systems used by each (i.e. 7-wonders, Catan, Dominion, etc...).

Does anybody know of any website or system that can be used for keeping track of who won which game and by how much? Doesn't need to be applicable to all games, but would be nice to keep a record.

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The fallback of Google Docs spreadsheets is probably decent here. It has the advantage of already having a mobile app, it's easy to share, and you know you can always add another column if you really need it. –  Jefromi Aug 17 '13 at 1:50

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Boardgamegeek (http://boardgamegeek.com) has a play reporting feature which can include who played, what position each played, their score, and additional notes. Play notes can be publicly accessed. (It can be a bit of a pain, tho, to find someone else's plays.)

It does exactly what you're asking for. If the same person reports every time, it's readily viable to find it.

Further, one can create a private geeklist which lists the games, instead of using the play reports feature.

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Here is an App that keeps score for you!

Keep Score - Score Keeper

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