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My father and his friend were playing cribbage today and ran into a dilemma trying to score their hand properly. Could you let me know what you think so I can straighten this out for them. The hand was 3 Aces and 2 Sevens. How is this hand scored?

I do not play cribbage and therefore could offer no help to their situation.

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You have three A's, let's call them AC, AS, AH (no diamond), and two 7's, let's say 7C and 7S.

  • First, you have 6 points in 15s: 7C/7S/AC, 7C/7S/AS and 7C/7S/AH.
  • You have no runs or double runs.
  • Next, you have 6 points in Ace pairs: AC/AS, AC/AH, and AC/AH (also known as a Pair Royal).
  • Next, you have 2 points in Seven pairs: 7C/7S.
  • You have no flushes.
  • You have no Jacks for his nobs.

This is a total of 6+2+6=14.

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thxs so much for your help. That's exactly what my father thought but his friend was sure it was 16! Appreciate your help! – Andrea Oct 18 '13 at 22:34

Here is a web page that you can use to score any cribbage hand:

And, here is your specific hand,1H,1S,7D,7S

The page is really cool because it shows a list of all scoring combinations:

Scoring Details
15 Count    1H,7S,7D    6
Pairs       1H,1S,1D    8
Straights               0
Jack                    0
Flush                   0
Total                   14
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Why the negative votes? These links will help people with difficult scoring questions. – raider33 Dec 28 '13 at 21:20

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