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Is it legal to use the Family Growth action to extend your family by 2 or even 3 if you have enough rooms? The rules do not forbid it, but they only talk in singular about the new family member.

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You can add at most one newborn regardless of the number of empty rooms you might have.

The rules are clear on this:

After Family Growth, also 1 Minor Improvement (Stage 2): A player may only use this Family growth space if he has more empty rooms than Family members.

A player who chooses a Family growth action adds their newborn offspring to the Action space In the Return home phase, the new Family member is taken home ... A Player who takes the Family growth action will therefore have one additional (adult) Family member to use from the following round onwards.

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Each 'Family Growth' action gets you one additional person. You can do more than one 'Family Growth' action in a turn (getting multiple people) if the spaces are available.

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