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Suppose I'm playing as Schizoid. I have the power to alter reality, so I choose one of the six new cards to be the new win condition. That card is face down.

Then suppose I use Philanthropist Flare:

Send one of your ships to the warp to lend your power to another player for the duration of the encounter. Until the end of the encounter, that player is considered to have your power instead of his or her own. You may not use your power while it is loaned out. The player may not refuse the loan of your power.

Would the player I use this on get to look at the win condition card?

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The answer is yes because he is responsible to announce when any player(s) have fulfilled the winning conditions now. So he has to know what the winning conditions are.

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Yes, so I would suppose you wouldn't do it.

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Do you have anything to back this up? Why wouldn't the temporary holder of Schizoid be allowed to pick a new victory condition, as opposed to being given the victory condition that the Schizoid player picked? –  Paul Marshall Nov 7 '13 at 19:57

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