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Burrowing's effect states:

Deal 1 extra damage on Tokyo. [...]

Does this mean,

  • "Deal 1 extra damage [to the Monster] on Tokyo."; or

  • "Deal 1 extra damage [when your Monster is] on Tokyo."

I believe it is the former, because of the wording on Urbavore, "when dealing any damage from Tokyo." Although, it might have been shortened due to lack of space.

Does Burrowing increase the damage from a non-attack? For example:

{6} Acid Attack: Keep; Deal 1 extra damage each turn (even when you don't otherwise attack).

{3} Fire Blast: Discard; Deal 2 damage to all other monsters.

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According to iello, who wrote the rules for the French and English versions of the game states that you deal extra damage when you are in Tokyo:

Cost: 5 Energy.

Type: Keep.

Text: "Deal 1 extra damage on Tokyo. Deal 1 damage when yielding Tokyo to the monster taking it."

  • You deal 1 extra damage when you are in Tokyo.

  • You deal 1 damage when you yield Tokyo to the monster attacking you.

As to the second part, what about damage cards, iello says this about Firebreathing:

Firebreathing: "Your neighbors take 1 extra damage when you deal damage"

Q: Does fire breating activate when you deal any damage?

E.G. Burrowing "Deal 1 damage when yielding Tokyo to the monster taking it." or only when attacking?

A: Anytime you do damage wether by attacking or using an ability.

Under this reasoning, I would assume that Burrowing would deal extra damage from any card with an effect that deals damage.

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