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My boys and I still enjoy Battleship Galaxies in spite (and because of!) some rather bizarre abilities and the strange "activate only one ship" mechanic.

My younger son was setting up the board for a recent game and was a bit too overly enthusiastic when he disconnected the vertical piece of the base from one of the ship miniatures (it's a ball and socket press-fit attachment). That snapped the tip off at a point that almost certainly doesn't have enough surface area to glue back together.

Is there a source for replacement parts?

For this specific situation, what we really need is hex bases of various configurations (1, 2 and 7 hex), with a vertical piece to hold up the ship mini and holes for the shield and hull pegs.

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You can still glue them back together, but you'll need to add more surface area. Use a thin drill (1/16 inch?) to drill out both the snapped-off ball and the base, then insert a peg of some sort (such as a piece of paper-clip or toothpick). Then you can glue the peg into both broken bits, and it will hold much better than just gluing the broken bits together. – Paul Marshall Dec 4 '13 at 20:13
If you look at the pieces in the link that ire_and_curses added, you can see that the bases are some hexes, a vertical triangle with a pea-sized ball at the top. The break was between the thin tip of the triangle and the ball. Drilling would be close to impossible with my tools: there's just not enough plastic there to drill and add a pin. – Bob Cross Dec 4 '13 at 20:22

I did manage to find some replacement pieces from here. As you see in the image below, the bases do arrive unassembled. I'll use the plastic cement (that I ordered at the same time) to attach the vertical column into those center holes.

My unassembled bases

The part number at this vendor appears to be AFS062-CLR.

Note that, due to trademark restrictions (almost certainly), they have to refer to their pieces as "Galaxy Battle" and make them visibly different from the original.

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