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The Ancient One Ithaqua's "Icy Winds" ability reads as follows:

Each time an investigator uses either a unique item or a spell, he loses 1 stamina.

The unique item "Healing Stone" reads as follows:

Before rolling, discard to fully restore your stamina and sanity.

If my investigator has max 5 stamina and I use the Healing Stone, will my resulting stamina be 4 or 5? Additionally, can I use the Healing Stone if my investigator only has one stamina remaining?

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There is no official ruling, so you will have to house rule it

There seems to be some concern with Fantasy Flight Games slow FAQ releases and lack of designer feedback on rules clarifications. One do the designers, Richard Launius, has answered some questions sent directly to him, but they aren't considered official rules clarifications.

This particular question has been asked on the FFG forums (Q3), but without an official answer. The question is also on BGG, but again lacks an official response.

Neither the revised rules nor the FAQ address the timing of the application of the Ancient One's (AO) abilities and Item effects. So, you have two choices:

  • Apply the AO effect first: This would mean that a Healing Stone would restore your stamina to the maximum (5 in your example). It also means that if you are 1 stamina you would be devoured. Which means that while nothing in the rules prevent you from using the Healing Stone at 1 Stamina, you probably wouldn't for strategic reasons.

Being Devoured - If at any time an investigator loses sanity or stamina that causes him to drop to zero or less, he is devoured.

When an investigator is devoured, that player adds one doom token to the doom track and returns his investigator card and marker to the game box. [...]

  • Apply the AO effect after the Item - This would mean that Healing Stone would restore your Stamina to the maximum minus one (4 in your example). It also means you have nothing to fear when using Healing Stone at 1 Stamina.
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The various links were very informative, thank you. – bengoesboom Dec 27 '13 at 4:24
Given it's inconclusive and there's no feasible story way to argue one or the other, I would probably default to a literal reading and end up with 4 stamina because you use it, then you lose the stamina in my thinking. – Joey Jun 23 '15 at 21:42

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