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I recently got the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game and have played a few games, but have a clarifying question about how many cards can be used for a combat check.

I understand that according to the rules only one of each card type can be used for a particular check, but can a person use a "weapon" and a "spell" that each can be used for a combat check?

So far, I've been playing using only one card type that says "For a combat check...", but I want to make sure that's correct.

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The rules can be tricky to find stuff in, but it's there: page 11, under the heading Determine Which Die You're Using, second paragraph:

[Y]ou may play only 1 card or use only 1 power that changes the skill you are going to use.

So yes, you're playing correctly.

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Yes. As a matter of fact, as an example, it's how my Seoni maximizes her damage output with her fireballs. I first discard a card to trigger the power.

I can then do all of the following...

  • Reveal the Sage's Journal, an Item, to add 1d4, if I'm in combat against a Henchman or Villain.
  • Recharge an Acolyte, an Ally, to add yet another 1d4 to the check, since it uses my Arcane die.
  • Discard a Blessing of the Gods to add yet another Arcane die.

It makes her insanely powerful, but if I keep doing it, I'll burn through cards... and Seoni's deck size is small enough as it is.

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