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This scenario came up in a game played tonight:

  1. The King is in Tokyo City and has an Armor Plating card ("Ignore damage when that damage would only make you lose 1").
  2. Alienoid is not in Tokyo and has a Herbivore card ("Gain 1 star on your turn if you don't damage anyone").
  3. Alienoid, after his second and final reroll, has rolled a single Attack (along with a few hearts). We all agreed that The King should not take any damage because of his Armor Plating.

Our question: Should Alienoid gain 1 star since he didn't damage anyone?

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Yes, Alieniod with Herbivore should gain 1 Star for not damaging anyone.

Herbivore specifically tells you to gain a Star if you don't damage anyone, so assuming Alienoid doesn't buy a card that damages anyone, they will gain 1 Star from Herbivore. The rules specifically call out the matter:

If an attack somehow ends up doing no damage (due to Camouflage for example), then it is no longer considered an attack for the purposes of cards like Poison Spit or Herbivore.

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