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Where can I find other adventures for Castle Ravenloft? So far I've only found the two bonus adventures that WotC released.

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BoardGameGeek Castle RavenLoft has quite a few used-made scenarios and extra characters.

The most are listed in the Variants forum, although you may look around in there a bit and find some others under "rules" maybe.

One of my favorites is "Crypts And Creepers", although it's more of an 'expansion', not just another scenario.

WotC is also having a "Build your own scenario" competition, so you should see more available on-line when that happens also.

Here's a link I just found that has most of the user-created adventures listed and ranked:

BGG Castle RavenLoft Adventure Database

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I don't see the individual adventures, just the list that ranks them. – George Stocker Nov 18 '10 at 13:03
The first post is the current rankings, the links to the adventures are posted below that. – My Turn Yet Nov 18 '10 at 17:51

Update: link for "official" 2 bonus adventures is

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