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What is the best Power Grid expansion for a beginner to buy?

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Hello, Ender. As written this question is likely to be closed - it's a purely subjective game recommendation with no possible "best answer". You might try rephrasing it to redefine what you mean by "best" in an objective way. – Tynam Jan 7 '14 at 12:43
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For a beginner, I would say no expansion is necessary at all. Vanilla Power Grid is an incredibly deep game. I have found that it can be a bit overwhelming and introducing additional complexity will only make it harder.

Personally, some of my favorite games (Agricola and Dominion being two examples) I grew bored with the base game quickly and vastly prefer playing with the expansions. Power Grid is not one of those games. I have played it for years, and often still play just the base game even though I do own one of the expansions (Robots).

Disclaimer: I take a very analytic approach to board games. More casual players might not find it as overwhelming as I do.

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