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With the card "There's too many", in a two zombie player game, can zombie player 1 spawn zombie player 2's zombies if their remaining figures are out or are they forced to move the existing ones already on the board?

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According to the rules:

If there are two Zombie Players, each of them has a separate Zombie Pool of 7 Zombies each. One player takes all the Green Zombies, the other all of the Brown Zombies. Players may never use Zombies from the other player's pool (only their own color of Zombie).

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It wouldn't matter if you could, since you are only allowed to place zombies if you roll higher than the number of zombies you personally control.

The rules state the following:

Place Starting Zombies - The Zombie Player starts the game with 2d6 Zombies on the board (or 1d6 each if there are two Zombie Players). Place the rolled number of Zombies on the board from your Zombie Pool. [...] If there are two Zombie Players, they are only limited in this way by their own color of Zombie (that is, the two players may double up Zombies on a Spawning Pit before each pit has a Zombie on it). (page 8)

3) Roll To Spawn New Zombies - [...] If there are two Zombie players, each of them instead only rolls 1d6, needing to roll over the number of Zombies that they personally control on the board. (page 9)

Since each player starts with 6 zombies of their color, and you need to roll a 1d6 higher than the number you personally control, you cannot roller higher than '6'.

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I beleive the card being asked about allows you to spawn additional zombies without havbing to roll for them – link64 Feb 12 '14 at 12:32

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