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I'm looking for raw tournaments result database/statistics, divided per format, date and including army distribution

something like this :

but where I cand filter by date and format, and with complete data (here, there are 165 victories on 3967 armies.. a lot of draws!)

does it exist?

thanks for helping me

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Rankings HQ is probably the closest you can get to what you are looking for. There are a couple of disclaimers to add though.

  • The pool of ranked games is going to be pretty small.
  • The ranking is elective, so there's going to be lots of missing data.
  • It won't track information about particular tournament formats, just the results.

Torrent of Fire is a paid service that comes closer to what you want, but it's only for 40K. I think they where planning on branching out to Fantasy. With Fantasy's declining popularity and GW's current financial implosions, I don't know if we'll see that happen any time soon.

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