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Does anyone know of a place that compiles extra story cards for Firefly: The Board Game? I'm aware of the 'First Time in the Captain's Chair' official one, but I'd like to try some others too.

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There are a few of them on, in the Variants forum:

Some people put "Story Card" or "Custom Story Card" in the title, which helps find them, others just put a title that describes what the story is.

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Nice work, I had a quick look on BGG but couldn't find any! – Jackson Pope Jan 28 '14 at 9:43

There is this one for 2 players from Board Game Geek and is an enjoyable, relatively short Firefly scenario.......

Plus, this link leads to an extra 8 fan made story cards. They are well worth checking out as the base game only comes with 6 story cards....and those BGG Firefly fans are very creative. One of the scenarios is based on 'The Magnificent Seven', which,of course, is itself based on 'The Seven Samurai'.

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Welcome to B&CG.SE! We generally look to have completed and descriptive answers, so I'd suggest making two edits to your posts. First, edit them into one answer so that all of your information is found grouped together. Second, rather than just providing links, add a description about what each of these links leads to and how it adds to the game. This will help the readers to better identify whether it is useful to them without needing to follow links. Thanks for your responses! – SocioMatt May 13 at 13:56

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