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I just got Legends of Andor and was trying to play the intro with two players. Having only two heroes, it seems the objectives cannot be reached in one day. Is Andor meant to be played with all heroes always, like e.g. In Mice and Mystics? I couldn't find any hints so far in the manual.

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I advise you to play with 2 characters each, you only have 14 hours to spend with 2 players on a given day vs. 28 with 4 players, so you have way more time with 4.

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It is possible to reach all the objectives with just two players, and that is the way that it is designed. Unlike Mice and Mystics, Legends of Andor has much more of a puzzle feel to it and you need to plan carefully in order to accomplish things within the time limits. Keep in mind that you can move through the castle, that is one thing that often makes people think it takes longer than it really does.

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Yes, the game seems much more strategic to me than M&M. However, I cannot figure out how to achieve the very first goals in one day on the A1, the very first card. Movements alone take more than 7 hours. – Arne Feb 10 '14 at 16:00
Which characters were you using? The exact moves will vary based on that. I can try to figure them out for you if you want, though I don't actually own the game. – bwarner Feb 10 '14 at 17:33

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