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This "horror" game took place in an hounted mansion or castle divided in four big rooms and multiple floors. Players can choose from different characters (and if I remember correctly, one of them was a dog) and advance through an high number of tiles by spinning a wheel. Some tiles had special effects on gameplay written on them, as "stop for a turn" or "go to tile number ###" and so on.

It was not "Ghost Castle" and not something about scooby-doo (characters where anonymous). It was built in thick paper or cardboard (everything but the wheel was made in this material), and it wasn't a box but a book which become a 3D setting when opened.

It was none of those listed below, because this are way to small:

  • Which Witch
  • Haunted House
  • Haunted Mansion
  • Ghost Castle


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Were you a kid 6 years ago? Escape from the Haunted Mansion –  ikegami Feb 22 at 19:57
Nope, I was not a kid and it was not Escape From the haunted mansion, it's even bigger. Btw, now I'm 25 so it's been at least 15 years since last play... –  Delcaran Feb 22 at 23:51
Relic Raiders: Haunted Ruins looks like the game - it is 3d pop up, and has four rooms. Problem is it was released in 2008. Perhaps it's based on an older original? –  ire_and_curses Feb 23 at 4:15
As you said, it's not relic Raiders, but This is an interesting thread to follow, thanks! –  Delcaran Feb 23 at 8:42
13 Dead End Drive? - boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/1899/13-dead-end-drive –  Tom77 Feb 23 at 15:50

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Found it! It's name is "Ghost Hunters!" by Brian Lee and it's not a board game but a book, published for the first time in UK by Tango Books in 1998.

ISBN (for Italian edition) is 88-450-7851-5, and you can see it online at http://www.lafeltrinelli.it/products/9788845107351/Gioca_con_gli_acchiappafantasmi/Lee_Brian.html

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