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My friend and I are buying an RTR booster box mainly in hopes of getting some chase rares, but also for some fun. What are some Draft Variants for only 2 players?

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Are you looked specifically for draft formats, or any limited formats? –  bengoesboom Mar 14 at 20:34

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You can try to play boosterbattle. Yout each take a booster and remove the token. You take 15 basic lands (3 of each) and shuffle all cards (unseen). Then you just play a Magic game. When you shuffle unseen, every card is a surprise. I've had much fun playing booster battles like this.

Oh yeah, about 50% of your deck is land, and you often don't draw the right lands, but you don't take mulligans then :)

Have fun!

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This is also often called "mini masters". I believe you'd only add 2 of each land however. –  bengoesboom Mar 14 at 23:02
The variant of this listed on Wizards' casual format's site is good too - use the whole pack as your hand, and just take whatever basic lands you need from outside the game. (You could also do lands from outside game while still drawing from your 'library' as normal.) That way you don't waste your time with unplayable cards/missing lands, you just get to play the cool cards you're opening. –  Jefromi Mar 15 at 0:08

I had fun with Winchester Draft a couple of times. The article mentions Winston Draft, which I've never tried.

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