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I'm looking for cards that allow me to return one or more Monster Cards from my own side of the field to my hand repeatedly. By repeatedly, I mean that they can be used several times per turn, including with some workaround. An example of what cards fit my needs is Genex Ally Birdman, who returns one face-up Monster Card to Special Summon itself, then if I somehow get it back into my hand, I can use it again (and yes, I'm aware it banishes itself, there are still ways to get it back).

What I'm not looking for:

  • Trap Cards. I need cards that work immediately.
  • Cards that return any number of Monster Cards once. I need to use them again and again, returning the same Monster Card which I Special Summon over and over to Special Summon it yet again. Returning all at once doesn't help unless I can do it as often as I like.
  • Cards that return a specific Monster Card. I need to return generic Monster Cards.

Also, Monsters that must be Normal Summoned are of limited use unless their effect can be used as often as I like. Swap Frog comes to mind, but he's more or less useless because he returns either himself or exactly one Monster and that's it.

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Well I'd say Penguin Soldier falls into your "what I'm not looking for", but as you mentioned SwapFrog it just came to my mind, that I used to have two penguin soldiers sending back each other and a second card.

Your very specific need might not be satisfied by it, but it actually sounds like there is no 'perfect' card for you?

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