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It's clear from the rules that any player can use the red/yellow dice secured by a spell during their turn for resolving a task without using an Add red/yellow die Cards' effects. The rule also says, any player can use dice secured by a spell during their turn for use in a Roll - does that mean that, in case a red/yellow was secured by a spell before my turn starts, I may add the special die/dice into my dice pool and use them in my roll WITHOUT using the Add red/yellow die Cards' effects? Thank You for any help in advance!

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The latest copy of the rules is actually much clearer than the version that came in my set. Here's the quote, with the same emphasis as the rulebook, but parenthetical bits removed:

When a die is secured on a Spell card, it remains there until any player chooses to use it to complete a task, removes it from the spell to roll it, or until another effect locks that die. For spells that secure multiple dice, the player may remove dice from it one at a time or all at once.

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