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Evacuation returns all creatures to owners hands. Ambush Commander turns all forests into creatures. Would that mean that Evacuation would return all forests to their owners hand?

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Ambush Commander only affects its controller's Forests, but otherwise, yes. Evacuation will return them to their owners' hands.

This doesn't come down to a single rules citation, but ultimately Creature Lands still count as creatures due to this rule:

608.2h If an effect refers to certain characteristics, it checks only for the value of the specified characteristics, regardless of any related ones an object may also have.

Example: An effect that reads “Destroy all black creatures” destroys a white-and-black creature, but one that reads “Destroy all nonblack creatures” doesn’t.

It does not matter that they are 'Creature Lands', the spell just cares that they are creatures.

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Your citation is accurate; I've edited the language to be more certain and confident. – doppelgreener Apr 4 '14 at 3:29

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