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I've been told that I must do two things in order to win hard games in Othello (Reversi):

  • Take the corners
  • Do not take the X squares, as they are the worst squares on the board.

Othello board with "X" squares labeled; they are the four squares one square diagonal from each corner

We all know that we have to take the corners. I am tired of keep hearing that stupid hint. What I want to know is how force my opponent into taking the x squares and the squares around the corners so I can use his pieces to jump into the corners. What squares do I have to take? what strategy to follow?

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Taking corners early is almost always good, but as the game progresses it can be a poison pill... say you hold C1-G1; then taking A1 and allowing your opponent into B1 costs you the whole edge and corner H1 - from whence he can attack the east edge and H8. Sitting on an X square makes it hard to stop your opponent getting the corner, but it lead to a very profitable sacrifice. –  Julia Hayward Apr 25 at 11:06
@JuliaHayward I was planing to ask about how the importance of the corners in my next question :) –  Fischer Apr 25 at 12:12

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