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In trying out EDH for the first time last night we ran into a confusing issue. I was using Olivia Voldaren as my commander.

One opponent activated Ajani Goldmane's 6 point ability to summon a white avatar creature, which I then used Olivia to vampire and steal. I think this is okay because despite being white the avatar wouldn't have any non-black, non-red dots on the face.

I then wanted to steal another one of his creatures that was white and had white mana on the face, but I wasn't sure if this was allowed.

So in EDH, I know that I can't construct my deck with cards outside of my commander's colour identity, but does this stop me taking control of creatures outside of my colour range?

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No, stealing an opponent's creature of any color is fine.

The only limitations are the ones explicitly imposed by the rules:

  • During deck creation: color identity. You may not put a white card or a card that uses white mana symbols in your red/black Olivia deck. (You could include a black card that creates a white token, though; or an extort card, since that's just reminder text.)
  • In play: generating mana. If you're playing Olivia Voldaren and you would add {W} to your mana pool, it just becomes colorless mana instead. This means you may have trouble activating the abilities of some of the creatures you steal with Olivia. You can still steal them, though!
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