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I don't have the english card text ready but the german one translates roughly like this:

Move an opponents person or hut (with or without sacrifice token) up to 3 hexes from it's current location.

Can I move an opponents person which carries a sacrifice token with this card or can I only move the bare person?

Considering the parentheses I'd say that the part about sacrifice tokens moved along only applies to the huts...

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Given that text, I would rule that you could move either a person or a hut, and the ruling about sacrifice tokens applies to both.

If they had only intended the hut to have the sacrifice token clause, they should have written it as:

Move an opponent's hut (with or without sacrifice token), or move a person, up to 3 hexes from its current location.

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That's how we play it. – Lance Roberts Nov 28 '10 at 22:58
Alternatively you could argue that they'd have left the parentheses away if they wanted no distinction... – Kempeth Nov 29 '10 at 13:55

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