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what games are there that use a point buy system for deck building instead of a card limit? what are the obvious effects this would have on the style of play?

I am only currently aware of one example from the video game Rage, there is a CCG mini-game where your deck is built of 75 points and each card has a specific point cost. This example is a very basic one and i am interested in using this mechanic in a more expansive custom game.

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Android: Netrunner has something similar to this it 2 ways; different deck sizes require different numbers of agenda points, and how many cards you can have outside your main faction is determined by influence points of those cards. –  GendoIkari May 13 at 14:02

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Conan had a "point buy" system for elements of it's build (in addition to the Netrunner commented above).

The biggest flaw is book-keeping - it's fairly easy to count that you have X cards, or that you only have Y copies of a card. Counting the total number of points in a deck is a lot more math, and that's not always a selling feature.

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Compare this to deck building games like Puzzle Strike or Dominion where the focus is on deck quality rather than size. Adding a new card doesn't help much if it dilutes your deck from its primary strategy.

These games still have in game costs for adding the cards to your deck and playing them on your turn. Those costs are used to balance the cards.

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