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When my friends and I play Axis & Allies 1942 we have trouble distinguishing a couple borders along seazone 3, pictured below. In each case you can see a little sliver of land that is barely touching seazone 3, one in the UK and the other in Karelia. However, the other seazone-territory borders are pretty clearly indicated, so do we assume UK and Karelia are not intended to border seazone 3 because they are not as clear as others? UKKarelia

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As per the official FAQ here

Q: Does Sea Zone 3 connect to the United Kingdom?
A: Yes,

If my memory serves correctly, that is Scapa Flow.

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Thanks for the reference. Based on the ruling about sea zone 17 and Algeria in that FAQ, which is a similar situation to sea zone 3 and Karelia, I'm going to go with no intended connection on that side. – pmain8 Sep 23 '14 at 2:00

I know that sea zone 14 does not connect to balkans (Saw that on the official site) and what you show here is kind of the same thing so i wouldnt consider them as connecting. So i would say no it dosnt connect

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Could you cite where you saw that? – doppelgreener Aug 24 '14 at 10:21

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