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Over the weekend I picked up a deck of cards that was originally intended to advertise the 'Page Woven Wire Fence'. Each card has 4 little phrases on it about the company or the product.

Each card has a number from 1 to 13 in the upper left and right corner (same number in both corners). There are apparently 4 cards of each number (I've got a couple of numbers that are missing a card, but I assume that they are just lost). Some cards (I think it's one of each number) have a number of miles at the top center. The others in that number have a leaf in the top center.

I feel certain that this was meant as a game, with the idea being to put the company's products in front of the prospective purchasers regularly, but I'm not familiar with the game.

I'd like to properly identify it, just for my own edification.

A scan of some of the cards.

Some potentially relevant facts: Page Woven Wire Fence Company was established in 1886 (Scanned Catalog) and one of the cards (not shown in the picture) indicates that the company is less than 10 years old, making the deck no later than 1896. Another card (in the picture) says business doubled in 1894 over 1893, so I peg the deck's design at 1895.

UPDATE: As noted in the comment by SQB, the deck could certainly be used to play Go Fish. But that wouldn't explain the 'Mileage' notations. I wonder if it could be something like a precursor to Touring? I've found the patent for Touring, but it doesn't list any pre-cursors, though with the patent date of 1906, I wouldn't be shocked if it were an improvement (by adding the various hindrances) of a prior game.

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Looks like Go Fish / Happy Families to me. Found some cards on eBay. –  SQB Jun 5 at 8:31
Could the mileages be the names of the families, perhaps? Are they unique for each number? Also, I noticed that the mileage in the title returned in the text on the card with nr 13. Does that happen for other numbers as well? –  SQB Aug 14 at 10:39
Any chance of scanning and posting all available cards? –  SQB Aug 14 at 10:40
@SQB - OK, the scans are kind of big, and due to hosting limits, I can't put them into one monster zip, so you'll have to grab each tif individually from kohne.org/page-woven-wire-fence-company-card-game. –  Michael Kohne Aug 16 at 18:51

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