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I am intrigued by the idea of cards on the table being randomly replaced from one or another stacks. I'd like to see the 'maxima' of this kind of rule-set.

I'm sure that anything needlessly-complex can be imagined, but I'm talking about classic / historic games.

Standard Playing Card analogies

  • solitaire variants, where cards are added and then removed. That is not 'replacement'... swapping out cards as a consequence of rules / actions.

  • rummy variants, some (house) rules allow mutation of a run in play. Still not a 'consequence' of other actions.

Non-Standard Playing Card analogies

  • Magic the Gathering has actions like this, where the end of a player's turn triggers certain cards, classes of cards, etc to be removed (or alter their effect upon the game, etc.)

  • A 'very tech future' envisioning of this kind of gameplay comes from The Star Wars universe. The writers created a game called "Sabacc", which has a similar features. That game is entirely theoretical, with a few attempts to re-create it on the computer. (but, my question is not seeking this kind of tech. I'm seeking rules sets)

These are just some concepts of what I am looking for, in the form of gameplay (rules) – but in the realm of a classical deck of cards.

Looking forward to your awareness. "Nearest neighbor" answers welcome.


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Since the technology for that didn't really exist until recently, I'd guess no. – Kevin May 28 '14 at 14:16
Ooops - I didn't mean to lead you on in the tech direction. I was just giving an example of how 'table-modifying rules' were implemented in a hyper-tech vision. I'm interested in examples of these kind of rules. – New Alexandria May 28 '14 at 14:37
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Sabbac has been implemented as a playable card game by West End Games back in the 1990's, and has some randomized replacement based upon a die-roll.

Card replacement isn't terribly uncommon. Several other games have specific situations where a card in play can be replaced, sometimes due to game steps, other times as part of player initiated actions.

Some recent offerings using a replacement mechanic; only one comes to mind immediately:

Firefly: Out in the Black - 3 cards are drawn to determine bonuses to the characters' skill total for the mission (one per skill type. players may use cards from hand, or in some character choices, special abilities to redraw some or all of those three cards. Certain event cards likewise force replacement.

Fluxx has a replacement mechanic as part of normal play - namely, for the goal; each new goal played replaces the prior. (When the multiple goals are in play, one goal or the other is replaced.) There is also the hand-swap action card.

I've played several others that have replacement as a take-that mechanic, but not ones I can recall the names of. By "Take-that", I mean a player initiated attempt to sabotage another player.

This mechanic is more often used in Roleplaying games, in both cards and dice driven mechanics. In The Dying Earth Roleplaying Game, a failed roll may be rerolled by "spending" an attribute. Dying Earth also has an option for card based play instead of dice based. In D&D Next Beta, advantage situations result in rolling two dice and keeping the better die's result; in disadvantage, it's roll twice and keep the worst. In FATE system games, one can reroll the dice pool by spending a fate point (some restrictions apply - and vary by specific game).

Doesn't really merit it's own answer, but certain Munchkin sets have curses that force you to replace your class, for instance, with the first class card you find. – EagleV_Attnam Jun 4 '14 at 13:18

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