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I am new to Pokemon but not TCGs in general.

  1. I have a Skrelp (Psychic Type) which has a Spit Poison ability (also Psychic Energy) that it used on Honedge which has a resistance -20 to Psychic Energy. The Spit Poison ability applies one stack of poison to the target. So does poison use the caster's or the caster's ability energy type or is it energy agnostic?

  2. Can poison be cast multiple times on the same target to create multiple stacks of poison?

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enter image description here

  1. Pokemon TCG is quite different than the game. There's no "poison" type like in the game. In TCG, poison is a status. So, even if the defending pokemon has psychic resistance, it doesn't cut the poison damage, even if the poison is afflicted by a psychic pokemon.*)
  2. No it doesn't stack.

I suggest you to read the basic rulebook again, it's very clear on what poison do there. I learned almost everything from the rulebook. But, since I am an old pokemon player (last played 4-5 yrs ago), so I forgot what poison exactly do. But AFAIK, it damages the affected pokemon between turns.

*) This is different if Spit Poison has initial damage attached, for example, 30. So the initial damage will be 10 (30 original - 20 resistance), aside from the poison status damage.

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I did read the rules again this afternoon and I saw a few times where it mentioned that poison does not stack. I still never really saw where said poison ignores resistances though. But I'll take your word for it, it makes a lot of sense. – smulholland2 Jul 1 '14 at 9:51
Pokemon with weakness against Fire-types don't take weakness into account when taking damage from being Burned, either. – generalcrispy Jul 3 '14 at 12:20

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