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As an example, an investigator had the item Flute of The Outer Gods, which takes 3 stamina and 3 sanity to use and immedietly defeats all monsters in the investigators location. If using the item reduced either the sanity or stamina to 0, does the effect still come in to effect?

Does this apply to all items that require you to lose either sanity or stamina?

This question is not a duplicate of: How does Flute of the Outer Gods work in Arkham Horror and when should I use/buy it? although the answer there is relavent.

This question is asking about items in general and not just the Flute of The Outer Gods

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I think this might be a duplicate of In Arkham Horror, can you pay sanity costs to go insane on purpose?. I'm not sure because the question is somewhat different, although the answer covers this question. –  Ramiro Jul 13 at 2:17
The answer in the question you linked does seem to address this, however as you already stated, this question is different as it is asking about item effects whereas the other is asking if the player can intentionally go insane –  link64 Jul 14 at 1:38

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