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In the ZMan version of Tales of Arabian Nights, you choose 20 points between Story and Destiny. I tend to do 10 of each or something similar. Is this the best strategy?

Also, the game is very random, which I'm OK with, but are there any variants where there is some strategy or planning involved? Especially with some of the quests, it's like it doesn't really matter where you go on the board, just that you go somewhere.

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it seems you have two distinct questions here. You might get more responses if you break them down into individual questions. –  LittleBobbyTables Dec 18 '10 at 23:39

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I've pnly played the WEG version of this game once, so my memory is a bit foggy. It was an interesting concept, but we had one player who rolled so badly that she hardly got to do anything the whole game. The only strategy I tried to employ was try to make sure I had a chance for something interesting to happen every turn. I suppose you could invent your own variant where it's known ahead of time what will happen at each location instead of rolling for it.

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Been playing a fair bit of this over the weekend, so here's a few thoughts:

  1. It seems that Story is a bit easier to get than Destiny (and there's a couple effects that convert Destiny to Story, plus some that remove Destiny), so I tend to skew a few points towards Story. I haven't seen a particular reason to skew too far away (the furthest I've gone is D7/S13) because there's no guarantee you'll get lots of story points.

  2. The game is fairly random, but there does seem to be some (at least loose) correlation between your choice of reaction and the skills required. So you can work around bad luck to some extent by being a bit more cunning in your opening skill selection and picking reactions that hopefully you have good skills for. (This is admittedly still pretty darned random)

2a. One good way of beating down the randomness is to aim for master-level skills (which let you shortcut the destiny die, and are generally-but-not-always good results), and remember to use any effects that let you skew the game in your favor. (Blessed, Respected, Determined, to name three.)

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