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I have all the Dominion sets and really prefer to play the suggested sets of kingdom cards that come with the rules. I find that these sets often are thought out really well and have several interesting strategies to explore. When using randomizers (apps or just drawing randomly) I find that the sets seldom offers that many interesting strategies.

I wonder if anyone knows of good suggested sets of kingdom cards? Have you played with combinations that provide several strategy types? Is there a source of suggested sets anywhere? Somewhere where people can vote on sets?

I am sorry if the question is a bit vauge, but all I really want is to find some suggestions for good sets, not just random sets. Thanks in advance!

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It's worth pointing out that even the most "boring" looking set almost always has some fantastic, and fun, strategies to be discovered. – Crisfole Jan 22 at 22:37
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One great resource is Dominion Deck Builder, a website that allows users to design and save kingdoms. They can be voted on, discussed, etc.

This is also a frequently-discussed topic at the Dominion Strategy Forum. Here are a few threads that each list several Kingdom setups that people have suggested, and in the latter 2 threads, voted on: (Older, so does not contain Dark Ages or Guilds)

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+1 Exactly what I was looking for. Great :) – Halvard Jul 24 '14 at 7:14

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