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Do I understand the rules correctly in that all center cards are replaced when defeated/bought?

So I can if I have good power cards spend some runes on replacing cheap cards in order to hope something stronger with a better reward will come up to replace them cards, or is the turn played with the cards at the center and then replaced when your turn finishes?

The rules as I read them seems to suggest that they are replaced when fought/bought but that made the game feel very strange. This might simply be a feeling based on playing a lot of Dominion lately with its restrictions.

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I have only played one game of Ascension, and I got the same idea.

Here is the ruling directly from the download-able FAQ:

Q: When does a card in the center row get replaced? If I defeat Mephit, do I banish a card in the center row before or after a new card replaces the Mephit?

A: Whenever a card leaves the center row, the first thing that happens is that it is replaced from the center deck. There should be six cards in the center row at all times. In this instance, if you defeat Mephit, you replace the Mephit from the center deck and then make your decision about what card to banish.

FAQ Link

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That FAQ should come in handy, thanks a bunch :) – Don Oct 20 '10 at 6:57

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